Interview with Ali – Finland

Ali, a refugee from Iraq, Ali has been residing in Finland for the past ten years. Over the years, he has successfully integrated into Finnish society and recently obtained citizenship. Drawing upon his entrepreneurial spirit and determination, Ali has established his own taxi company, which has become a notable achievement in his journey.

Ali’s decision to start his own taxi business reflects his ambition and drive to create opportunities for himself and contribute to the local economy. Through careful planning, market research, and hard work, he has navigated the process of setting up a business in Finland. Ali’s entrepreneurial endeavour provides him with a livelihood and contributes to the transportation infrastructure and services available to the community.

Overall, Ali’s journey from being a refugee to a Finnish citizen and successful taxi company owner is a testament to his resilience, determination, and the supportive environment provided by Finland. His story serves as a reminder of the potential and valuable contributions that refugees and migrants can make when given the opportunity to rebuild their lives and pursue their aspirations.

Barbara: Hi, thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed for our blog! What’s your home country and your native language?

Ali: Hello, my name is Ali, I’m from Iraq, and My language is Arabic

Barbara: What’s your business?

Ali: I have a taxi company

Barbara: What was your profession or studies before you started your own business?

Ali: I am a graduate of the University of Teaching Arabic Language

Barbara: Why did you decide to start a business in Finland?

Ali: Because I live in Finland and I have to work here in this country

Barbara: Describe the difference between working hours and free time, comparing when you first started the business to after it became profitable.

Ali: I work all the time. In winter there is not so much work. But in winter I can work very long nights.

Barbara: How did the idea of your business change from start to finish?

Ali: My business idea changed when I started working for the company. I planned to have a bigger company with more drivers, but that didn’t work out in the end. So now it is only me.

Barbara: Did you use any inspiration or knowledge from your home country to come up with your business idea?

Ali: No, my work specialisation in my country is completely different from my work in Finland.

Barbara: Do you have any tips for someone who is just starting out with entrepreneurship and business?

Ali: The immigrant must first learn the language of the country in which he lives because it is half of his work, and after that, he must bear the loss, gain, fatigue and everything.

Barbara: Thanks again, Ali, for sharing your valuable insights and experiences. Your journey as an entrepreneur and your commitment to your taxi business in Finland serves as an inspiration to others who are embarking on their own entrepreneurial paths. We wish you continued success in your endeavours!